Our Organisation's Values

Liberty Services Values

The Values of all personnel engaged with Liberty Enterprises Ltd including Liberty Services are:


Liberty Enterprises is built on a core foundation of respect and believes that offering all members of the community the highest standard of respect has the power to transform the community.

This foundation of respect is exemplified by all our staff and volunteers through the way they interact with the wider community as they represent the organisation.


Community values and a connection to those in the community are a cornerstone of Liberty Enterprises.

The goal of Liberty Enterprises’ interaction with the community is to establish and foster an interconnected community that is coupled through the relationships built at Liberty Enterprises.


Liberty Enterprises emphasizes the value of encouragement in its organization by ensuring its employees build up members of the community by constantly fostering positive relationships. Liberty Enterprises understands that by fostering these relationships, people will be encouraged to be the best they can be in the community.


Liberty Enterprises strives to provide all members of the community with equal access to social capital, to provide a stepping stone to anyone who is seeking positive changes in their lives. Liberty enterprises recognises that opportunity is not offered equally to every member of the community and makes it a priority to offer all members of the community opportunities equally.


Liberty Enterprises endeavours to provide the community with an environment in which people can establish positive relationships and believes that fostering positive relationships is an integral part of bolstering interconnectedness in our community. By establishing these positive relationships, Liberty Enterprises hopes to establish a network of positivity in the community around us.


Liberty Enterprises believes in the power of Grace to act as a vehicle that can provide honest, positive change in the lives of those in the community. Liberty Enterprises also recognises the potential Grace has to act as a domino in the wider community to outreach to those Liberty Enterprises may not reach.