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The Liberty Services team recently provided hoarding assistance for a client in Bardon. In short, the real estate agent had just issued a notice to leave to the tenant. Subsequently, the property manager recommended the client contact Liberty Services immediately.

Fortunately, the tenant contacted us the same day. We asked for photos of the site and coordinate a time to do a site visit the next day. Meeting with the client we mapped out a plan to work with them to get the property clean and organised. Most importantly, get things sorted so they can avoid another eviction notice!

Most importantly, developing a clear and concise plan with the client from the outset is essential. This job was going to take several weeks and there were several stages.

Rubbish Removal

Certainly rubbish removal was the most urgent task to address with this property. Our team did a first pass with the tenant to throw out as much as possible. We organised for our caged trailer to be on site. After a short time, it was completely filled to the top.

The client was given instructions to throw all the rubbish out into an area cordoned off at the front of the property. This meant in a few days we were able to come back and collect more loads until all the rubbish was thrown out.

Pest Control

When providing hoarding assistance we nearly always have to provide a pest control service. This property had cockroaches, flies, mice and who knows what else. We organised for this to be done as soon as possible so it was safe for our staff to work there.


We had to start organising one room at a time. There was just so much stuff. The property just wasn’t big enough so about 75% just had to go. There were three categories for each and every item. Firstly, all rubbish was thrown out immediately. Secondly, give it away to an op shop. Thirdly, clean it, keep it, organise it.

There are many great ideas for decluttering a home and making the best use of space. There are small innovative ideas that allow for practical ongoing storage.

Do you need hoarding assistance?

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