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Estate Clearance Services Bridgeman Downs

October 25, 2020 By admin

Barry & Charlotte contacted us last month to assist them with our Deceased Estate Clearance Services. Barry’s mother had recently passed away. They had recently had the funeral and now were left with addressing the property. Unfortunately, in the months leading up to her passing Mary had become ill and the home was neglected. Consequently, […]

Landscaping Brisbane Ideas

October 25, 2020 By admin

Want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space but worried about the potential costs? Landscaping Brisbane doesn’t always need to be an expensive project. With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can better manage the expenses that come with upgrading the look of your lawn and garden. So how can you ensure more […]

Landscape Gardners Brisbane

October 25, 2020 By admin

In today’s era, people are highly motivated to have a beautiful and relaxing view in their backyard. This is achievable through clever landscape design. A good landscape doesn’t only make the property look unique and beautiful, but it also provides you with a relaxing atmosphere. Having a beautiful backyard offers you a feeling of satisfaction […]


October 25, 2020 By admin

The biggest mistake people make is choosing the wrong interior paint colours. Everyone has an idea on how a wall should look like and would love to see the result as per their idea. At Liberty Services Painters Brisbane, we will help you with some tried and tested tips. For example, warm colours are combinations […]

12 Bathroom Renovation Tips

October 25, 2020 By Jackson Doring

1. WRITE DOWN A LIST OF WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE IN A BATHROOM “I find this is a really effective way to arrive at what you do want in your bathroom. Then write another two lists: your must-haves and your desires. After that, it’s a matter of seeing what the budget extends to.” – Vanessa Cook, […]

Grange Curtain Rod Repairs

October 22, 2020 By admin

This job was on the Northside of Brisbane at the Grange, curtain rod repairs. These curtain rods had been pulled out of the wall leaving some damage to the facia. The Liberty Services team repaired the damage to the wall first. After the previous holes were filled in and repaired the area was painted. It’s […]