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Liberty's Brisbane Pest & Termite Control Services

Have a Liberty Services Pest Control specialist take care of your property today.


We can assist you with:

  • General Pest Control treatment for your home or office
  • Complete Termite prevention & eradication
  • Comprehensive and specialised treatment for specific problems with termites, fleas, ants and others
  • Low tox ‘human friendly’ options available
  • A Pest Control Treatment Certificate for your Real Estate, Insurer or other interested party.

Keeping your kids and pets safe

Not all pest repellents are safe for you, your family or your pets.

Pesticides contain toxic ingredients and really should be left to the professionals to ensure that the appropriate chemicals are used, in the right way, with the correct safety measures in place.

When you trust Liberty Pest Control Services to rid your home of the damaging creepy crawlies and biting things, you will be receiving work from a Queensland Health certified technician bound by tight protocols, who use the safest chemicals and techniques in the industry – with your safety in mind. 

That means pregnant women, toddlers to teens and your beloved poodles, pussy cats, parrots, goldfish and any other scaled, feathered or furry family members will be perfectly safe

Long-Term Benefits


Protection for your valuable property asset for up to 8 years*. 

  • Chemical termite barriers 
  • In-ground termite baiting systems
  • Annual termite (timber pest) inspections

*Subject to chemical and concentration used as well as other terms and conditions.

For more information check out our Liberty Pest Control Services website.

Where Do We Provide Pest Control Services?

We provide pest control and other services throughout greater Brisbane. Below is a list of some of the suburbs included in that area:

AscotAspleyBald HillsBanyoBoondallBracken RidgeBrendaleBridgeman DownsBrightonBunyaCarseldineChermsideCleaningDeagonEatons HillEnoggeraEverton ParkFerny GroveGeebungGordon ParkKedronLawntonNudgeeNundahPetriePinkenbastaffordWarnerWavell HeightsZillmere | Tags: AscotAspleyBald HillsBanyoBoondallBracken RidgeBray ParkBrendaleBridgeman DownsBrightonBunyaCarseldineChermsideDeagonEatons HillEnoggeraEverton ParkFerny GroveGeebungKedronLawntonNudgeeNundahPinkenba.WarnerZillmere

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